Transfer Students:

Victory College of Nursing accepts transfer students with prior college degrees and credits.

The students’ transfer credits are accepted based on the following:

  • All course credit for courses or degrees completed at another institution is subject to Dean of Academic Affairs and/or Program Director’s approval.
  • For the courses or degrees to be accepted, they must be similar in content to those offered in the program the applicant has applied, with a letter grade of ‘C’ or higher
  • The student must complete at least 25% of the program at Victory College of Nursing.
  • All official transcripts must be mailed directly to Victory College of Nursing’s Admission Office from the previous institution. The student is responsible for the mailing of their transcript directly to the College.

The final approval is made by the Program Director

Transfer credits will be accepted provided that:

  1. The courses are similar in objectives and content to those offered by City College.
  2. The courses can be applied toward graduation requirements.
  3. The student has earned a letter grade (or equivalent) in the course of “C” or higher (provided the “C” grade is defined as average or higher).

Credits in the area of general education may be accepted when earned before the seven-year limit. The decision of the Director of Education is final on questions of transferability.