Core Values

The core values of Victory College of Nursing are as follows: Caring, Excellence, Commitment, Diversity, Professionalism, Integrity and Respect for all to optimize health for all people.

At Victory College of Nursing our values guide and influences everything we do; our thoughts, policies and decision making that puts our “students’ success first” philosophy as a priority on our lists at all time.

Caring: Our students’ success comes first. We are committed to caring for our students’ first  through quality teaching, learning, and research etc. that will educate, empower and prepares our graduates as adaptive leaders with the knowledge, skills, understanding, integrity and professional attitude necessary to be successful career men and women.

Excellence: as a college, we seek to achieve excellence in all our endeavors by continuous improvements in our teaching methods, organization policies and processes, and we focus on developing excellence in our students to equip them to become pioneer leaders of excellence in their careers.

Commitments: we are committed to our students’ success first philosophy.  The College is committed to providing students with the opportunities they need to develop the knowledge, skills, and understanding necessary to become successful career men and women in the community, nation and the world at large.

Diversity: we are committed and dedicated to serving the educational and training needs of diverse students and communities with diverse cultural backgrounds, by giving everyone opportunity to become a part of us, either as a teacher, learner, support groups or individuals. This is who we are as a College.

Integrity: We are true to our mission, values, students, to one another and our communities.

We are committed to the truth at all time, as we admit our mistakes and take necessary responsibilities for corrective actions.

Professionalism: we exhibit professional values, character, skills and competence in all activities, and the students are prepared and equipped with the professionalism they need to succeed in their career.

Respect: We are committed to treating our students, faculties, one another, partners and our resources with respect at all times.